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About Us

RTEQ London Ltd is a London based company specialised in Smart Technology Integration. Thanks to our technical knowledge and creativity, we can design, supply, install, program, maintain and update any kind of Smart Technology System, making your everyday tasks effortless with a cost-effective, sustainable solution for your household or business.

We are equally accomplished in the residential and commercial sectors, offerign a large array of services,always starting from an initial consultation right through to installation and maintenance. Indeed we bealive that the relationship with our client doesn't end with the installation and commissioning of the products but it carry on offering after sale services and support.

Our team of specialists are fully trained and certified to work with the very best brands in the market, we keep our knowledge up to date with the last cutting edge products and to the most recent Health&Safety regulations and British Standard requirements.

With RTEQ London Ltd, you get more than just expertise, we pride ourselves on our strong work ethic. No matter how complex the job, we strive to excel in our service to clients. We are open, transparent, honest and hard-working, continuously updating our skills with knowledge of the latest technologies.

Sectors We Work In

Design ideas for a modern home in London.


The technology we offer helps to make your home a friend. Automation gives you a home to pick out your favourite TV shows, adjust the lighting to suit your mood, and keep the room temperature at a comfortable level. This is all done before you’re even home, giving you a stress-free evening every time.

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While you’re at work the ideal situation is a comfortable workspace that it environmentally-friendly. Intelligent, full-spectrum lighting keeps you feeling fresh while saving electricity, and we’re also create fully interactive conference rooms. Forget technical issues and bring the world to you when you choose RTEQ Ltd.


The ambience of a retail environment may have a psychological effect on your customers. Create something amazing when you choose us. We allow you to set the tone, control foot traffic, and highlight key products. We’re also able to protect your hard work with our state-of-the-art security systems, making your business safer than ever before.


Transform Your Home with Smart Technology

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can bring your idea of home to life.

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