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Trust in the skills of RTEQ Ltd to install effective smart technology in your property. We’re able to advise you on the best technology for you, and do all of the work ourselves. From smart thermostats to motorised blinds, there’s something for everyone when you choose this fantastic technology. Based in London, this technology is available to all, assuming your property is compatible

Internet & WiFi Improvement

A common mistake we see many user make is to invest heavily in expensive hardware (Game Consoles, 4K Smart TVs, Apple TV, super fast PCs) and subscriptions ( Netflix, Amazon Video etc), but they don't see the value of a solid and secure WIFI connection.

In Order to fully unlock your devices' potential it need to be supported by a WiFi connection with is RELIABLE, FAST, STRONG in each corner of your house and SECURE from cyber criminals attacks.

Lighting Control

Enjoy the personalised ambience that our smart lighting creates. It sets the mood for your current activity, and is also a great way to save money on your bills. This smart lighting also integrates with your security system, acting as a deterrent to potential intruders. Combining the technology with motorised blinds or shades creates the illusion of occupancy, and this is great for security.

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Window Treatments

Do away with messy, and potentially dangerous, window cords by motorising your blinds, shades, and curtains. You’re then able to adjust your natural lighting with the touch of a button, and even have them on an automated schedule. 

Smart Thermostat

When you invest in smart thermostats you'll never walk not a cold home again. Using motion and location data from your phone, these thermostats learn your everyday routine and program themselves to anticipate requirements.


Technology in those day offers many solutions to protect your home. Cloud Cameras stand alone or combined with Flood lights, Intruder alarm or Smart Doorbell. We can provide all of those, make you at home even when you are not. 


We have a solution for any budget, from a simple soundbar installed below a smart TV professionally wall mounted, to a dedicate cinema room equipped with the right projector that suit your need and an appropriate dolby digital or Atoms sound system that will image you in your favourite movie. And With SONOS you can enjoy a different playlist podcast or radio station in each room of you Home. All easily controllable with your voice, your mobile or an easy to use universal remote control.